Oberon Performance koppelingscilinder KTM LC8


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KTM vervang koppelingscilinder. De Oberon Performance ‘clutch slave cylinder’ is ontwikkeld om design en prestaties te verbeteren tov de originele KTM koppelingscilinder.
This unit cures the problem of jamming pistons and subsequent failure. The internal piston design, seals and breather hole have been drastically enhanced to prevent fluid leaks and leave a smoother clutch action. CNC machined from billet for lightness, strength and precision looks. With 7 fantastic colours to choose from. Black, Blue, Gold, Orange, Red, Silver and Titanium look Everything you need is included in the kit. Also unlike others, this Cylinder will a direct replacement without the need to reposition the gear as it is designed to fit with the clearances of the OEM item. 12 month warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. o Smoother action with progressive feel o 7 anodised colours o Black, Blue, Gold, Orange, Red, Silver and Titanium look o CNC machined from billet aluminium o Integrated piston guide o Genuine ‘U’ seals for precision action o Wiper seal to stop dirt ingress o Manufacturers warranty o Shaft and dust sealed back o Fitting instructions included o Copper sealing washers included o Simple to install o Banjo thread protector o Oberon Bleed�Â�® System o Stainless steel fasteners UNIQUE DESIGN, Oberon designed a special air pocket deep in the slave cylinder body, this improves the bleeding process due to the Oberon Bleed�Â�® System moving air bubbles up toward the bleed nipple. Saving time and fluid making the whole process much simpler for the fitter. The genuine ‘U’ seals in this product have been CNC machined for accuracy and longevity (we DO NOT use ‘O’ rings which may fail). Each cylinder is supplied fully assembled sealed to prevent dust and dirt ingress. In all a total solution.
Voor LC8 motoren vanaf 2003 tot op heden.,Beschikbaar in volgende kleuren,- KTM oranje,- Titanium look,- goud,- zilver,- zwart,- blauw,- rood

PS: Gezien de harde Brexit komen er tal van taxen bij Britse producten en zijn we genoodzaakt onze prijzen hierdoor aan te passen, onze excuses hiervoor.

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