Moto-Master radiale hoofdrempomp 12 mm


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Radiale 12 mm rempomp uitgerust met remvloeistofreservoir.
Een pure must voor de die hard supermoto rijder. Ideale doseerbaarheid op zowel asfalt als onverharde ondergrond.


Moto-Master Radial Master Cylinder Supermoto
The Moto-Master Radial Master Cylinder will maximize the performance of your brake system. While compact in design, this master cylinder uses a forged lever, plate and cylinder to create a strong feel and great durability.

The brake lever position is adjustable allowing it to suit any preference, and an optimal leverage ratio built into the design gives you maximum power with just one finger.
The direct pressure point provides great feedback which ensures optimal control.
A brake light switch* is also available if needed.
Black anodized and laser etched aluminium filler cap to complete the package.
Available in 12mm diameter, these master cylinders are designed for Supermoto Street and Supermoto Racing applications.
NOTE* Brake light switch sold separately.

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