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Premium lithium-power-sports battery MPLTZ7S-HP from MOTOBATT
– Built for racing, the latest development of starter batteries- ATTENTION: Only charged with specially charger for lithium-ion battery, risk of explosion!

The batteries are very popular with sporty drivers because it is a simple way to save weight. Lithium-ion batteries can be installed in any position as they do not contain any acid. In addition, the batteries are very compact and ideal for motorcycle conversions and rebuilds.

– safe technology through overload and reverse polarity protection
– the manufacturing process and technology ensure the highest safety standard for lithium-ion batteries
– maintenance-free, since no acid contain
– very light, about two-thirds lighter than comparable batteries
– eco-friendly without acid and heavy metals
– compact
– can be mounted in any direction, since no acid
– splash-proof
– high energy density for more capacity
– CBC technology (cell balancer circuit)
– no memory effect (no loss of energy requirement with frequent partial discharge)
– low self-discharge
– longer life than conventional batteries

Technical specifications:
12 Volt 2,2 Ah
Manufacturer specification (CCA) cold cranking amps: CCA 165
Weight: 0,65 kg
Height: 107 mm
Width: 114 mm
Depth: 70 mm
Terminlas: 2

Delivery contents: 1 piece

– The modern batteries also require modern charging technology, they are sensitive to chargers which were originally designed for simple, non-maintenance-free lead-acid batteries and supply unclean power.
– The battery is not suitable for cold temperatures. Under zero degrees, It can lead to problems when starting. Winter drivers should use a different type of starter battery.
– Due to the compact dimensions it can be necessary to work with spacers, so that the battery fits exactly in the battery box.

Replacement for the following batteries:
Motobatt MBTZ7S item no. 294-020

Special chargers for lithium batteries:
MOTOBATT battery charger PDC series FAT BOY
Optimate lithium battery charger 0,8A (TM-470)

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