Dunlop MX32 90/100-16 rear


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Eén van de twee nieuwigheden van Dunlop voor 2014 in het off-road gamma.
Dunlop Geomax MX32 Front Tyre – Dunlop Motocross Tyres
Descended directly from 2013 MX World Championship race-winning tyres, the MX-32/32F are the latest generation choice for soft to medium-terrain.
Developed alongside the Honda and Kawasaki 2013 World Championship MX campaigns, with former MX GP rider and Supermoto Champion Eddy Seel.
Off-road riding can present deep ruts of a motocross circuit, powdery sand of a beach race to rocky riverbeds and steep forest climbs. It is all about getting across the finish safely and preferably in first. So fit a Dunlop Motocross Tyre!
Dunlop Geomax MX32 Tyre features
New for 2014 soft terrain tyre developed from MXGP and AMA MX racing experience, covering a wider application range with superior performance.
Twin Protrusion Blocks: Increase flexibility of block in order to improve slide control and Twin Edges effect better cornering grip.
Multiple block distribution: Different pitches distribution on “centre” & “middle to shoulder” and less blocks in centre area to improve contact feeling.
CTCS (Carcass Tension Control System): Tuned carcass flexibility
from recesses placed strategically along the tire carcass to help
smooth ride characteristics and allow the bike to follow a line more
“Tie-bar” less design: Reduce the resistance of bending between blocks to improve contact feeling and stability in muddy conditions.
Controlled-rebound rubber element in the sidewall: This construction helps to damp out bounce, acting as a suspension component within the tyre, so the tyre can better follow the track surface.
Directional Pattern design: Improved braking performance andcornering stability.
Grown Middle Blocks: Improved cornering stability in firmer conditions.
Chiseled Shoulder Block: Enhanced traction and grip.

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