Ducati Wheel Nut Socket 41 & 46mm


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This tool is designed to be carried with you in the event of a tyre puncture or tyre replacement, especially when you cannot get to an approved Ducati dealer, or when working on your motorcycle yourself, with a suitable Ducati manual and torque wrench. Each socket is manufactured from 6000 series Aluminium, which is Hard anodised to a very specific process, thus forming a very hard outer layer which allows the tool to work as intended – and removing risk of damage to outer surface of your wheel nut.
The main wheel nut on modern motorcycles is fitted to a very specific torque setting, this torque setting must be adhered to at all times. The Oberon tool allows you to remove and replace the Ducati wheel nut with the aid of a suitable ½” square drive torque wrench. Previously over-tightened or ‘airgun’ fitted wheel nuts must be removed with a steel socket first, the thread must then be properly lubricated before replacing to the correct torque. It is wise to ask your local Ducati dealer to perform this task at your next scheduled service. The Oberon socket is designed to fail if you greatly exceed the torque setting recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer, it will only fail if you exceed the recommended torque by at least 20% (do not rely on this factor because the correct torque is critical).
Always observe manufacturers guidance and instructions before attempting to work on your motorcycle, Oberon will not accept responsibility for any failure to correctly follow Ducati maintenance instructions.

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