Acerbis Corporate shirt

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Ideale onderkledij voor zowel in koude als warme omstandigheden. Houdt de lichaamstemperatuur constant.
DRYARN polypropylene long underwear, the lighter material in nature.
To give an idea of the weight of the yarn DRYARN, 10 km of this yarn weighs just 1 gram. This material in addition to being so lightweight, has the ability to not absorb water while remaining dry to expel the sweat 167 times higher than the cotton, to isolate in a better way than the wool. In this way the fabric DRYARN ensures a comfortable feel on the skin, maintaining an effective body temperature, protecting the user from both the heat from the cold. The shirt and the pants are close to the body and are made of stretch fabric with 5 designs in multi-textured to highlight the anatomical areas of the body of the pilot. The complete cut along Acerbis presents the customization of the front and is suitable for all seasons.
Beschikbaar in de maten S-M, L-XL en XXL

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